Improving Internal Hotel Cleaning Processes

In Hotel Management by HMG Hospitality Team

At the heart of every highly functional detail-oriented hotel, you’ll find the same basic concept – excellent processes that the entire team is acutely aware of. Hotels often struggle with staying organized and on top of detailed cleaning projects. Staying on schedule for room cleanings is a necessity, not an accomplishment. At the very least, a hotel must be organized with it’s basic housekeeping procedures, but what truly makes a property outstanding, is its attention to the smallest details with strong internal hotel cleaning processes. 

Spring is coming, which means it’s the ideal time to prepare for Spring cleaning. Before you begin your Spring cleaning, though, we highly recommend you spend some quality time reviewing your internal hotel cleaning processes. While reviewing them determine when, where, and how you can make improvements and adjustments. The goal is to maintain the Spring cleaning energy year round.

Steps to Improve Your Internal Hotel Cleaning Processes

Figure Out What’s Actually Going On, and Then Open the Channels of Communication

It’s easy to sit back and think “well things are supposed to be done this way…,” and then place blame when they aren’t being done properly. Frequently when “things,” as in processes, aren’t being “done the right way” it’s because there’s an issue with the process in the first place. Why didn’t anyone explain to management that the internal cleaning processes weren’t ideal? Communication blocks. Communication is crucial, yet it can be so easy to lose track of. Do whatever is necessary to open the channels of communication, so real-time feedback can be received, and adjustments can be made wherever needed.

Are You Aware of Common Complaints?

The ability to receive feedback from guests has never been easier. Use the guests perspectives to determine which areas of cleaning are being neglected. Too many hotels aren’t actually reading or checking their channels of feedback, rendering reviews useless. It all comes back to processes. Is there a person in charge of not only reading reviews, but also responding to them? Is there a person responsible for aggregating the negative feedback, and figuring out how to revise internal procedures to attend to those issues? These are crucial questions to ask, and then find solutions to.

Brainstorm With the Team Members Who Actually Know What’s Best

So often management stays within the confines of management. Let’s think about this for a moment – who are the people actually executing the cleaning processes that management develops, everyday? Well, whoever those people are, include them in your brainstorming sessions. Ask their opinions on what methods might streamline cleaning processes. Not only will this provide you with priceless knowledge, it will also create a work culture that is friendly, communicative, and encouraging. A healthy work culture will always attract top players in the industry, which will always improve your hotel.

Now that you’ve opened communication, digested customer feedback, and truly listened to your own team members, it’s time to put all of that information together. Begin developing new processes that allow for deep cleaning to occur much more often than in only Springtime. What sets your hotel apart from the competition? Attention to details will set your hotel apart. This is an area every hotel can excel in, if given the proper attention and review. Every hotel needs a little management help every now and then, HMG Hospitality has the expertise and experience to aid you in revitalizing your internal hotel cleaning processes. Contact us to get started immediately – 858.673.1534.

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