Financial Reporting

Our hotel clients depend on HMG Hospitality to provide a clear picture of how their hotel is performing. We work with each client to deliver a customized, comprehensive monthly financial package every month.

Sample Financial Package

  • Balance Sheet and Schedule of Balance Sheet combinations
  • 12-Month Side-by-Side Profit & Loss Statement
  • Current Month-to-Date and Year-to-Date Statement
    • Summary Statement of Income and Expense
    • Departmental Statements of Income and Expense
    • Schedule of Payroll and Related Expenses
  • 12-month Summary Statement of Cash Flow, Details of Schedule of Increases/Decreases
  • Calculation Schedules
    • Brand Fees
    • Management Fees
    • Occupancy Tax
    • Workers Compensation
    • Food and Beverage Sales Tax
    • Schedule of Cash and Credit Card Deposits
    • Additions to Fixed Assets
    • Trade Account Payable Aging (when applicable)
  • Detail General Ledger
  • General Journal Entry
  • Check Disbursement Registers
    • Operating Register
    • Manager’s Register
  • Bank Account Reconciliations
    • Operating Account
    • Food & Beverage Deposit Account
    • Payroll Account
    • Manager’s Account
    • Money Market Account