Standard Operating Procedures Can Make or Break Your Hotel

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Hotel operations are varied, they can be complex, and how they’re done provides identity and reputation. Needless to say, it is crucial to the success of your hotel to implement standard operating procedures.  

All businesses benefit and operate at a higher efficiency when they have SOP’s in place. Due to the competitive and quick-paced nature of the hospitality industry, hotels cannot afford to not utilize tried and true SOP’s.

Everything from how a credit card in run, to how the sheets are arranged needs to have its own procedure, and if it doesn’t, implement some immediately.

Spring break is nearly here, after that comes Summer, Fall breaks, the holidays, and on the cycle goes. If your hotel isn’t already part of a well known brand, or if it doesn’t already have functional SOP’s from your hotel management company, then pay close attention to these next two points explaining the importance.

The Importance of Hotel Standard Operating Procedures

SOP’s Enable Your Hotel to Operate as a Well-Oiled Machine

Would you rather housekeeping took one hour or 20 minutes per room? When new team members are hired would you rather on-board and training took one week or one month?

Of course the answers seem obvious, but it’s shocking how much time and resources are wasted when best practices aren’t adhered to, or set in place to begin with.

Even if a few small procedures don’t have their own standard operating procedures yet, that could mean a sizable loss of revenue for your hotel.

Don’t waste time reinventing the proverbial  wheel. If you don’t know the best practice for something, seek out a resource who does.

Consider your own experiences within the hospitality industry – when you go out to dine, which restaurants do you prefer and why? When you yourself stay at hotels and resorts – which do you prefer and why?

Even think about the DMV – why is it that it’s such a miserable experience? Because their SOP’s are terrible, and the people working there couldn’t care less. Having terrible SOP’s is just as bad as not having them at all.

Your hotel can, and will, operate as a well-oiled machine once every single efficiency and process is developed, adopted, and put into place. Your resources and reputation are at stake, two things that a hotel can never afford to lose.

Ability to Offer Guests an Experience They Can Count On

For many folks, being away from home has plenty of unknowns, but staying in a hotel doesn’t have to be one of them.

Having streamlined processes, decor, and hotel offerings  provides comfort and familiarity for the guests, enhancing their experience and increasing the chance they’ll return. Guests who become partial to a brand of hotels, are also more likely to be vocal about their support, which will all contribute to your bottom line.

Some brands have perfected this system so remarkably, that guests will even go as far as planning vacations around the locations of properties included in the brand. This is one reason to consider becoming part of a brand, if you aren’t already.

If you’re trying to develop a brand of hotels, one of the biggest challenges in quality control. How can you ensure that every single property is providing exceptional customer service and running at optimal ability? Standard operating procedures.

Whenever there’s a quality issue, you can investigate which SOP’s weren’t being utilized, and solve the problem quickly.

Now is the ideal time to attend to any lack of standard operating procedures, or ones that are dated or no longer as efficient as needed. Utilize the calmer months to dot the i’s and cross your t’s. We all know that when Spring break hits, there won’t be time for internal improvements. If your hotel, or portfolio of hotels, is in need of direction and experience in determining and applying the proper SOP’s, contact us today. HMG Hospitality frequently advises and works with hotels to make sure they are operating at maximum efficiency. Call 858.673.1534 to get your hotel on the path to a healthy and happy bottomline immediately.

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