internal hotel cleaning processes

At the heart of every highly functional detail-oriented hotel, you’ll find the same basic concept – excellent processes that the entire team is acutely aware of. Hotels often struggle with staying organized and on top of detailed cleaning projects. Staying on schedule for room cleanings is a necessity, not an accomplishment. At the very least, a hotel must be organized with it’s basic cleaning procedures, but what truly makes a property outstanding, is its attention to the smallest cleaning details with a strong internal hotel cleaning process. 

Spring Cleaning for Hotels

No detail is too small when it comes to the hospitality industry. This idea can be applied to every area of hospitality, but today we are specifically referring to cleaning. Spring is on it’s way, and it’s time to begin developing a plan of attack for the annual “Spring Cleaning.” When we say no detail is too small, we mean it. Guests can and will notice everything, and your property is always one coffee stain away from either a less favorable review, or a lack of repeat business. This isn’t to say that every single guest is working overtime to find the smallest of details to whine about, of course not, but it’s general good practice to be detail-oriented and acutely aware of the guest experience. Not to mention, competition among hotels is fierce and anything you can do to stand out is worth doing, and attention to small details will certainly help you stand out.

HMG Hospitality

When it comes to hotel operations, one of the least glamorous topics of discussion is housekeeping. It’s usually not a crowd-pleaser, but it’s imperative to a hotel’s success and bottom line.

It’s easy for efficiency to be lost, resulting in a loss of revenue. A huge challenge in this department is figuring out how to reduce the overhead, without compromising output quality. Any loss in quality will consistently result in negative reviews and a loss in revenue.