internal hotel cleaning processes

At the heart of every highly functional detail-oriented hotel, you’ll find the same basic concept – excellent processes that the entire team is acutely aware of. Hotels often struggle with staying organized and on top of detailed cleaning projects. Staying on schedule for room cleanings is a necessity, not an accomplishment. At the very least, a hotel must be organized with it’s basic cleaning procedures, but what truly makes a property outstanding, is its attention to the smallest cleaning details with a strong internal hotel cleaning process. 

HMG Hospitality

When it comes to hotel operations, one of the least glamorous topics of discussion is housekeeping. It’s usually not a crowd-pleaser, but it’s imperative to a hotel’s success and bottom line.

It’s easy for efficiency to be lost, resulting in a loss of revenue. A huge challenge in this department is figuring out how to reduce the overhead, without compromising output quality. Any loss in quality will consistently result in negative reviews and a loss in revenue.