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First and foremost, the hospitality industry is a people business. All of the technology in the world cannot replace those crucial face to face interactions, which often literally make or break a guests experience and a hotel’s bottom line. You’ve worked diligently to attract, recruit, and train your team of all star players, and they’ve been able to turn frowns upside down left and right. Imagine how devastating it would be for your hotel to lose them, especially if it’s due to a variety of reasons that can be easily remedied. Investing in and improving recruitment was the first step, and learning how to protect your investment is the next step. After the NFL teams battle it out to get the most talented players, you better believe they do everything they can to keep them there.

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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

It’s time to hit the ground running as you begin your search for new team members, or strategize ways to retain current ones. The biggest asset your hotel could ever possibly have is a kick-butt team. Location, level of luxury, amenities offered, price, so on and so forth, are all important factors, but at the end of the day, it’s people that have the biggest effect. The most beautiful and luxurious hotel in the world will get a horrible reputation if the team operating the property are not treating guests properly, and doing their jobs to the best of their abilities.

So new year, new intention – attract and keep top-notch talent, in order to be a top-notch hotel. The teams who end up competing in the Super Bowl did not get there with middle-shelf talent, they either started with exceptional talent, or they helped cultivate the talent with hours and hours of training and coaching. Recruit and retain, do those two actions thoroughly and you’ll be set up for success.

Welcome back to our blog series about workplace diversity! Our introductory post reviewed 3 big benefits of workplace diversity, with subsequent posts diving deeper into each. Past posts discussed how workplace diversity prevents groupthink and poor decisions, increases employee engagement and success, and for today (the last post in the series), the discussion is about how it helps your hotel recruit superstar talent.

Welcome back to our blog series about workplace diversity! We started out this series with a big-picture look at 3 main benefits that come with having a diverse workforce–that is, hiring and promoting employees based on merit, and not at all based on gender, ethnicity, age, or other personal background details.

Last week we took a closer look at how workplace diversity correlates to broader perspectives, decreased groupthink, and better decision making. This week we’ll take a deep dive into the topic of workplace diversity and employee satisfaction.

In last week’s post, we discussed the importance of workplace diversity and three huge benefits that come with hiring and promoting employees based on merit. This installment of our workplace diversity series will focus squarely on the first benefit we touched on last week–a diverse team creates broader perspectives.

Each individual teammate has a unique life experience, influenced by many things, including ethnicity, gender, age, religion, family situation, hierarchical status, class, sexual orientation, physical ability, and much more. This life experience affects how people think and solve problems.

Diversity in the workplace is one of those paradoxical subjects that is so important to discuss yet, at the same time, you wonder why it needs to be discussed at all. Why is workplace diversity something that needs to be promoted rather than something that is already so commonplace that it is a non-issue? For