Recruiting and Retaining the Best in Hospitality

In Hospitality, Hotel Recruiting by HMG Hospitality Team

It’s time to hit the ground running as you begin recruiting new team members, or strategize ways to retain current ones. The biggest asset your hotel could ever possibly have is a kick-butt team. Location, level of luxury, amenities offered, price, so on and so forth, are all important factors, but at the end of the day, it’s people that have the biggest effect. The most beautiful and luxurious hotel in the world will get a horrible reputation if the team operating the property are not treating guests properly, and doing their jobs to the best of their abilities.

So new year, new intention – attract and keep top-notch talent, in order to be a top-notch hotel. The teams who end up competing in the Super Bowl did not get there with middle-shelf talent, they either started with exceptional talent, or they helped cultivate the talent with hours and hours of training and coaching. Recruit and retain, do those two actions thoroughly and you’ll be set up for success.

Tips for Recruiting the Best Talent in Hospitality

Recruit Harder Than the NFL

Since we’ve established that recruiting talent is instrumental in success, this is not a budgetary item to skimp on. Consider recruiting an investment – the more thorough and committed you are, the higher the ROI is likely to be. The traditional methods of recruiting may not be enough anymore. You’ve got to go after top-shelf talent, which means developing more innovative and efficient recruiting strategies. January and February are essential months for recruiting. Unhappy team members wait for those annual bonuses, then come the new year they abandon ship. These are the months to scour the waters and find an excellent catch.

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to building your team. On one front, you want to try and attract young, fresh college students to begin on part-time basis, and then rise through the ranks of your hotel. On another front, you want to keep your eyes peeled for individuals achieving success in other companies or your competition, and either wait for an opportunity to scoop them up, or try and offer them a more competitive offer in your company. Individuals who are forward thinking, integrated with the latest technology trends, committed to promoting diversity, and have knowledge of the best hospitality tools out there, are your targets.

Your Offense Was on Point, How About That Defense?

Retention. It’s all fine and dandy to recruit your behind off, but what a waste it will be if the newly recruited team member leaves before you’ve gotten any ROI! So, take inventory – how is your retention? If it’s been pretty good in the past, carry on, if retention has been terrible, you’ve got your work cut out for you – but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

What do you already do well? For instance, do you have an incredible training program and a clear path to upward mobility? Do you support the development of team members by sponsoring qualifications, higher education, etc.? Do you already offer perks such as usage of onsite facilities such as the gym, concessions in the restaurant(s), or competitive discounts in the spa? Lastly, thoughtfully consider if your hotel offers the “X” factor. That special spice that every quality candidate is looking for – a downright awesome company culture. Your property might not be the fabled “shangri-la,” but it has the chance to be a fun-loving, efficient, and friendly environment for both guests and team members.

Don’t forget – now is the time of the essence. January and February are gold-mine months for recruiting, so don’t waste time! Your hotel literally cannot afford to drag its feet, because super star talent will get snatched up quicker than the chips and dip on Superbowl Sunday.

You need help – we’ve got you covered. It’s a busy time of year, we understand if your hands are tied with a hundred other tasks, let us amp up your recruitment and retention game with our years of expertise. Contact us to get started today.