Is Your Hotel Getting the Maximum ROI?

In Hotel Financing, Hotel Revenue, Revenue Management by HMG Hospitality Team

Being a part of a hotel brand or franchise can provide numerous benefits and resources. Often times, individual hotel management teams aren’t aware of all the different ways they can maximize the return on their branded investment. Rather than letting simple incomes fall by the wayside, grab them while they’re hot and reap the benefits. Analyze the following three areas within your hotel, and take note if your hotel team is taking advantage of them as best as possible for maximum ROI opportunities.

How to Get the Maximum ROI for Your Hotel

1) Sales & Marketing:  Most Franchise companies worldwide Sales and Marketing teams offer a network of seasoned salespeople in key markets around the world that help to drive brand preference and revenue to hotels. The brands offer sales strategies rooted in a comprehensive understanding of customer segments, the current dynamics of the marketplace, and the most effective use of new technology and media platforms, as well as supporting hotels with analysis and application of data and analytics. What is your sales team doing to maximize these brand strategies? 

2) Central Reservations System:  The Brands Central Reservation System is an important contributor to the performance of a property. Brands offer electronic distribution channels that are instrumental in driving guest traffic to a property’s website, and then ultimately the reservation stream. This happens through optimizing the brand experience and utilizing streamlined booking processes, as well as driving site traffic via integrated marketing communications. Is your hotel getting enough direct bookings?

3) Operations:  Not only does brand identity attract loyal customers, it also has the potential to attract top-notch employees. Rewards programs draw loyal customers to the brand and these customers contribute significantly to daily business, consistently over 30%. Employment candidates are attracted to brands they can identify with; particularly with those in supervisory roles. Many Franchise Brands also offer Business Intelligence units that employ sophisticated analytics to increase digital marketing efficiencies and enhance e-commerce performance. Does your hotel receive the most from these loyal guests; are they being recognized effectively?

In nearly every aspect of running and managing a hotel, being a part of a branded franchise is beneficial. The trick lies in having an awareness of all the benefits and utilizing them to the maximum ROI. Aiding branded hotels and franchises in increasing their ROI is one of HMG Hospitality’s specialties. For additional insight or an assessment of your current situation, contact us for more information.

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