Green Initiatives That Drive Awareness and Revenue

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Our society is catapulting into green initiatives and sustainability. These “forward-thinking” practices not only help out the environment, but they reduce costs and increase the bottom line as a result. There’s an entire movement within this realm of thinking and acting, and you want to ensure your hotel is at the forefront of it.

Green Initiatives for Hotels

Many hotels now place cards in the room bathrooms asking the guests to be water conscious and to reuse towels. That’s just one example, but there are hundreds of ways hoteliers are holding themselves accountable to help protect the environment, save money, and attract more guests.

Let’s discuss one of the latest and greatest sustainable trends, a trend that attracts an entirely new clientele – electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Electric vehicles are the way of the future, and more and more of them are being sold each year. If your hotel has one or more EV charging stations, then you’ve just opened your hotel up to a whole new audience.

There are entire websites and apps dedicated to helping EV drivers locate charging stations. Your hotel will literally be put on the map if it has EV charging stations. EV drivers will consider your hotel among hundreds of others to stay at, simply because they are able to charge their vehicle there. This is a fantastic revenue opportunity, not to mention a great way to propel your hotel to the forefront of going green.

Comfort Inn & Suites in Tooele, Utah, managed by HMG Hospitality, has recently installed not one, but six, Tesla EV charging stations. Now, The Comfort Inn & Suites Tooele will stand out among all other properties in that area, as the one that is user-friendly and welcoming to EV drivers. Whereas before EV drivers likely would have had to wonder where to charge their car, now The Comfort Inn & Suites Tooele will be on the radar for an entirely new clientele. The convenience of this option will lead to improved guest satisfaction, creating a buzz on social media and the internet in general, resulting in more exposure for the property. It’s an all around win-win considering the potential increase in revenue for the hotel; first from increased direct bookings, and second from the use of the charging stations.

With increasing competition for market share and the constant battle for more direct bookings, it’s more important than ever for a hotel to be at the forefront of innovation, and to offer amenities that other properties do not. Don’t let your hotel fall behind: Be a leader and assert your property as a leader offering modern technologies. Do this, and you’ll find success, revenue, and overall buzz.

To explore more green initiatives for your specific property, contact us today. HMG Hospitality is a leading innovator on forward-thinking practices that will be both earth conscious and revenue increasing.

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