Hotel Owners – Here Are Our Most Read Posts of 2016

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Now that 2016 is coming to a close, it’s the perfect time for hotel owners to reflect on our top three most popular hotel operations related blogs. If your hotel strives to perform even better in 2017, then it’s a great time to find a little motivation and guidance in any of the following blog posts:

Top 3 Operations Posts of the Year for Hotel Owners

Standard Operating Procedures Can Make or Break Your Hotel, Here’s Why

Hotel operations are varied , they can be complex, and how they’re done provides identity and reputation. Needless to say, it is crucial to the success to implement Hotel Standard Operating Procedures.

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Hospitality Recruiting – Your Secret Weapon in 2016

Experience is a consumer’s bottom line. Did the housekeeping staff forget to make up the room? Not good, but if the situation is handled with care, humility, and generosity the guest will remember being treated well, rather than dwell on their unmade room. The ultimate success of a hotel lies not in its fabulous location, recent remodel, or even it’s level of luxury. The success of a hotel lies in the hands of its reigning team. The team running the hotel can make or break its success, which is why it’s crucial to recruit and attract the most talented individuals.

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“Housekeeping” Doesn’t Have to Be a Dirty Word

When it comes to hotel operations, one of the least glamorous topics of discussion is housekeeping. It’s usually not a crowd pleaser, but it’s imperative to a hotel’s success and bottom line.

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Top 3 Sales & Marketing Posts of the Year

Looking back on 2016, how effective was your hotel sales & marketing strategy? No matter how fabulous your hotel might be, without a comprehensive and well-deployed sales & marketing strategy the bottom line will suffer. Be sure your hospitality manager ideas are supporting your hotel in this endeavor. Here are our top three most popular blogs from 2016 regarding sales & marketing. Review and enjoy.

Hot Strategies Every Hotel Owner Should Be Using Right NOW!

Hotels are an integral part of our society. Utilized for leisure, business travel, conventions, special events,  and a million other reasons. Folks use them everyday, they are depended upon, and generally enjoyed. On the flip side, there’s heavy competition in the industry, and a constant challenge to experience high levels of success as a hotel owner.

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Say “I do” to Big Revenue. Capturing More Wedding Business for Your Hotel

Not everything within the hospitality industry is reliable and constant, but there’s at least one dependable event that happens all year round. A never ending source of hotel revenue, that always has revenue-expanding potential. Weddings are the source of this magic.

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Attract Millennial Travelers By Understanding The Travel Trends

The elusive millennial travelers… the group every hotel wants to attract, yet only some are skilled, or lucky, enough to succeed.

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