Use WAKEUP CALL Software to Minimize Hotel Risk

In Hotel Management by HMG Hospitality Team

This week we’d like to share some exciting behind-the-scenes news from HMG Hospitality.  We recently implemented the risk management software WAKEUP CALL across our 12-hotel portfolio!  

If that doesn’t sound exciting, just trust us on this one. Risk management is increasingly important in the hotel management industry–arguably even more so than revenue management–and when successfully implemented drives savings and revenue along with improving business operations and the guest experience.

Keep reading to learn more about the software and why all hoteliers should pick up this risk management wakeup call.


WAKEUP CALL is a single-source SaaS (software as a service) platform designed specifically for the hotel industry to stay on top of risk management. This means that all aspects of risk management are contained in this one system, and this system is hosted online and easily accessible anywhere and from any device with an Internet connection.

WAKEUP CALL is an effective solution for HMG Hospitality because it allows us to efficiently manage this hugely important part of business operations across all 12 properties in our portfolio at once.


WAKEUP CALL has a long list of features that make running our business a whole lot easier, including:

  • HR services – Talk to live HR specialists at any time for information and documents specific to any state.
  • Employment law hotline – Connect with a national law firm to discuss any questions or concerns related to employment law.
  • Online training – Team members can log in to the system to complete important training courses and even receive certification.
  • Library of forms and documents – The extensive collection includes OSHA documents, HR forms, EE handouts, and much more.
  • Claims management – Submit claims, keep track, and update teammates.
  • Manage insurance certificates – Track certificates from vendors and other third parties for insurance carriers.
  • Educational webinars – The whole team can log in and learn about important topics.
  • Intranet option for multiple properties – We can manage all of this for each of our 12 separate properties from the same single-source system.
  • Easy communication and information sharing – Message boards and forums allow access to key insight from legal and risk management professionals.
  • News updates – Learn about important industry news with daily updates curated from multiple sources.
  • SDS library – Access to extensive safety data sheets and tools to stay up to date with OSHA compliance.
  • FAQ – Even more answers and info about risk management, consistently updated.

Why is this so exciting?

Successful risk management protects our business, employees, and guests. It affects every part of managing a hotel, and as we touched on before, actually drives increased revenue and savings. Because it is so inherent to employee and guest safety, it should be the top priority of any hotel management company.

We chose to work with WAKEUP CALL because it allows us a one-stop shop for all our risk management needs for every property we manage. The system contains all functions needed for safe operations, legal certification, and liability security.  

Best of all, we’re able to keep up easily because we can log in to one single system, and from anywhere. No more disjointed systems, and no manual software installation and updates–WAKEUP CALL handles that right on the web platform. This alone saves tons of time and money for our risk management professionals.

Learn more about how HMG Hospitality prioritizes risk management when you contact us today

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