Employee Engagement Tips for Hotels

In Hotel Management by HMG Hospitality Team

What does it take to be a successful and thriving hotel? Many things. Yet, we can simplify it to one extremely important detail – employee engagement and team member satisfaction.

Think back for a minute to a customer service experience, or two, you’ve had that went badly. Why did it go poorly? Why was it a negative customer service experience? Notably there may be a variety of reasons, but more often than not customer service scenarios that result in an unhappy customer likely stemmed from an unhappy employee.

Let’s Explore Employee Engagement for Hotels

It’s never been simpler for potential hotel guests to research your hotel and discover nearly any details, good or otherwise, they desire to know. If there have been numerous incidents with team members of your hotel resulting in negative public reviews, that will wound your reputation considerably.

A hotel’s greatest weapon is employee engagement.

People remember how other people made them feel. Yes of course, luxury, cleanliness, and convenience are key to a successful hotel, but at the end of the day nobody forgets how they were treated by another human being.

In the midst of one of the busiest hospitality season of the year, team member engagement is crucial. Here are a few basic guidelines to check in with

Encourage Team-Members to be Connected

Do your team-members thoroughly understand the brand and its value? Are your team members actively striving to go above and beyond with customer service? Customers are seeking authenticity and personalized service, if your team members either A. don’t understand that or B. don’t care, then you have a problem. Evaluate at this level and adjust accordingly. You want to build long-lasting relationships with clients.

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Encourage Open Communication

One reason team-members may not be providing stellar customer service is because they have their own gripes and complaints. When employees don’t feel heard they may release tension in ways that negatively affect the property. Keep the communication flowing, allow your team to come to management with any issues or concerns. Solve the problem when it begins rather than allowing it to fester and cause damage.

Choose and Train Team Members to Fit With the Brand

Employees are the face of the brand. How do you create a face that works with the idea of the brand? Training of course! Every brand has it’s core values, and there are plenty of people who will be in line with those values – hire those people, and continue to train them on applying the values in the workplace. Does your brand value creativity? Then train your team to come up with creative ways to help and support the clients. Does your brand value unique experiences? Then choose and train team members who find pleasure in seeking out unique experiences and recommending the lesser known attractions and experiences your city offers.

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Above All Else, Always Keep the Team Motivated

Lack of motivation is the death of any company, especially hospitality. A motivated team can accomplish anything, so don’t neglect motivation. Is it clear to the team how they can move up in position? Does it seem possible to the team to earn more, eventually become promoted? Are team members being recognized and thanked for achievements? If they’re doing a good job, sing their praises! If they deserve to be promoted, try and promote them, or let them know it’s on the agenda for the near-future. Keep them motivated, and they will work wonders for the brand.

Let your brand shine through the eyes and actions of your team. Read hundreds of thousands of positive reviews naming specific team members that went above and beyond. Be the hotel known for having a team that comes up with creative and fun ways to engage with the destination. Be the hotel that has a huge percentage of return guests, guests who return just to say hi and chat with their favorite front-desk personnel.

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