Improve Guest Experience with Power

In Hotel Management, Tech by HMG Hospitality Team

Common areas of your hotel should have easy and efficient access to power. Modern travelers rely on their devices to stay connected, and hotels should be able to accommodate those specific needs. Consider adding more connectivity solutions, such as USB outlets, to add an extra level of convenience to the hotel stay. Nancy Snyder, author at Lodging Magazine, shares are a few places to improve guest experience at your hotel.

The Lobby | The lobby is the hotel’s central hub and provides a first impression of the property. Travelers often see the lobby as a place to socialize, relax, or be productive. Modern pedestals or furniture with built-in outlets will make a huge impact. Adding this functionality to your lobby encourages guests to spend more time there and makes their stay a little more comfortable.

Outdoor Areas | Don’t overlook outdoor common areas. Many guests like to take their devices outside, especially during warmer months or at sunny destinations. Consider adding code-compliant outdoor power stations so your guests don’t have to retreat inside to recharge.

Guest Rooms | One of the first things a guest looks for upon entering their room is a power outlet. You can elevate their experience by simplifying that process with additional charging options. Add extra outlets or USB ports to areas like the nightstand, kitchen counter, desk, or even the headboard. Simply retrofitting the existing furniture can help guests stay connected in all parts of the room and improve guest experience. .

The Bar/Restaurant | Give your guests the opportunity to recharge while enjoying a meal or unwinding with a beverage. Add built-in power options to restaurant booths and the bar itself. Guests will linger a bit longer, creating more potential for additional food and beverage revenue.

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