Transcend the Four Walls of the Conference Room

In Hospitality, Hotel Management by HMG Hospitality Team

Keeping up with evolving industry practices will aid your hotel in getting more revenue. Setting up new, and innovative trends will establish your hotel as a leader, and increase revenue. Gone are the days of “meetings,” instead, companies are transitioning towards more of an “experience” in the conference room. Efficiency is everything in modern society, and the latest trends reflect that. Sitting in a room all day long, listening to one speaker after another, and watching bulleted powerpoint presentations, are no longer the definition of efficiency.

To foster creativity and innovation, stimulation and inspiration are required. Combine the greatest aspects of meetings, conferences, and team building activities, and a transformation will take place resulting in an experience that nourishes the mind, body, and soul.

Make your property more attractive to companies who are looking for something cutting edge. Think outside the box of standard conference room. Here are a few tips to get your imagination flowing:

Never Underestimate the Great Outdoors
Go play outside. Three magical words that can enhance a meeting experience tremendously. Does your hotel property have a package that includes some sort of outdoor activity? Does your property have the ability to host an outdoor yoga class, a hike, or even a round of bocce ball? Consider finding a way to integrate a nature adventure within your package offerings.

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle
Vending machine snacks and soda are not the proper fuel for a day of brain exercises. Healthy, sustainable food is trending in general, and even more so at meetings and conferences. Throughout the day offer natural, locally sourced meals if possible. If your hotel hasn’t done so already, make connections with local farms and other local produce providers and begin offering more of a “farm to table” concept. Fresh air and fresh food is a recipe for a satisfied soul, and a successful brain.

Laggards Get Left Behind
Technology is key. There are thousands of advancements and new gadgets, seemingly daily, to aid in efficiency. Your hotel doesn’t need to upgrade every single day, or purchase every new gadget, but timely upgrades are necessary.

Having quick, optimized, bandwidth is absolutely required now. Each person is likely to have a minimum of one smartphone, in addition to any tablets, laptops and more. This means that your bandwidth must be able to support all of those devices at a satisfactory speed. If it doesn’t, expect negative reviews and a decrease in business.

As attention spans decrease, technology efficiency must increase. For example, rather than lengthy presentations, short 15 minute talks (similarly styled to Ted Talks), laced with all sorts of interactive capabilities, are the popular style now. This means that your presentation technology should have the latest and greatest in presentation competency.

Success isn’t merely keeping up with current trends, it’s becoming a trendsetter. Brainstorming with your management team regarding ways to revolutionize your hotel’s meeting experiences, will boost your reputation, while increasing your bottom line. Meetings and conferences are a enormous chunk of the revenue pie within the hotel industry. Analyze how successful your packages are, and determine if they’re in need of updates, or a complete renovation, contact us today.

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