Think Email Marketing Has Lost its Edge? Think Again

In Hotel Marketing by HMG Hospitality Team

Keeping up with the constant evolution of marketing, and all of its related tools can be tricky at times. Between Google constantly changing the rules of the game, shall we say, and the ever-changing social media scene, how can an organization know where to allocate resources, and where to pull back? There may not always be an easy solution to this conundrum, but one avenue still reigns as King of Marketing – email. Email marketing for hotels is still one of the most powerful channels to access and convert your audience.

Consider this, not everyone has a social media presence on every social channel, but nearly everyone in your target audience likely has one, or more, email addresses. It is a form of mail after all, and we all enjoy checking the mail.

Email Marketing for Hotels

Listen Closely, We’ll Tell You Why

Email grows every year. As we all get less and less physical mail, we get more and more electronic mail. This is only going to continue increasing. Assert your hotel’s presence in your target audience’s inbox, but make sure it’s in an engaging and informative way. Be the email that everyone wants to open, not drop into the trash.

Mobile devices make reading email more convenient and easier than ever. Increasingly your audience can be reached anywhere, anytime, but they still have the control over when and where to engage with your email. Away from home? Away from a desktop computer? No problem, with a mobile device your email will still be opened and considered.

You can get up close and personal. Other than personally speaking to each potential guest, there isn’t a better way to personalize your messaging. You can target emails to individuals, based on any data that you have about your audience members. If a person feels they are being spoken to as an individual, they are much more likely to listen.

ROI is higher for email marketing, than it is for any other tactic. Not to mention, it’s the easiest marketing method to track analytics for. Analytics mean feedback, which means you will always be able to modify your strategy as you go along, resulting in a constant increase of ROI.

Forget Everything Else if Your Email Isn’t Mobile Enabled

Is there a mobile device on, or near you, at this very moment? Are there people around you with at least one mobile device on or near them? Everyone has at least one mobile device now, and many people have two or more. Mobile is our present, and our future, so it’s integral that your emails are mobile-enabled. Your efforts will are being wasted if your mobile format isn’t mobile-enabled. This will only frustrate your audience, and result in a loss of attention, and an onslaught of “unsubscribes.” With so many hotel sites and emails being ancient, and not mobile friendly, yours will stand out amongst the crowd as user-friendly and accommodating. Be a mobile device hero, make reading and engaging with your hotel satisfying and exciting for your audience. Do that, and your bottom line will certainly reap the rewards.

Email marketing is like the best friend you can always count on no matter else goes on in your life. Develop a strong email marketing strategy, and upgrade to a mobile-enabled site, and your marketing strategy will become a whole lot more effective. Having a strategic marketing plan in place is essential. if your hotel is in need of a fresh sales and marketing perspective, contact us today.

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