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what to know in hospitality

In the hospitality industry, the fall into the holiday season is a crucial period. There’s no time to waste, and the more productive your hotel team can be during this time, the more successful the hotel will be.  Previously, we discussed why it’s crucial to focus on driving revenue during the holidays. Today we will focus on ways to get internally organized to be ready for the new year, here is what to know in hospitality.

Starting off 2017 on a strong note will set the tone for the rest of the year. Since the holidays often keep everyone overwhelmed and busy until January hits, it’s common for hotels to utilize the first month, or more, of the new year to play catch up. Don’t let this happen, get organized now and you won’t need to play catch up. Your bottom line will thank you for it.

Spring is on the horizon and we all know what that means… it’s time for Spring cleaning! Just after Winter and right before Summer, Spring is the ideal time to open the windows, let the sun shine on all the cobwebs, dust, and dirt. Here’s the thing about the hospitality industry – you’re expected to look ‘spring clean’ all year round. In the eyes of the guests, a hotel should always be welcoming, clean, and hospitable, there is no winter slump in our industry. Regardless, though, Spring is still an excellent time to get down and dirty with the cleaning and believe us, there are plenty of tasks to keep every hotel busy all Spring long. There are two main areas that require extra attention: the small tasks that often become brushed aside throughout the busy seasons and a general review of all cleaning procedures. Now is the time to consider a hotel spring clean.