Market the Hotel Experience, Not Just a Bed

In Hotel Management, Hotel Marketing by HMG Hospitality Team

According to a study by FutureCast, Millennials spend over $200 billion on travel each year. They are a valuable demographic for hotels, and they have very specific preferences in regards to travel and vacation expectations. 82 percent of millennials prioritize the hotel experience over luxury rooms and material goods. Hoteliers can appeal to millennial travelers by communicating the unique, share-worthy travel experiences the property offers rather than the price or amenities. Here are four ways to promote your hotel experience and offerings.

Share past guests’ posts to showcase individual experiences. Engage with your guests on social media by commenting on posts or sharing them with your followers. Keep the tone conversational to establish a more personal connection between your brand and your customers.

Highlight videos, not just photos of rooms. Videos of events at your property are more likely to draw customers than a static photo. This type of content can be shared across all channels or even as a live stream. It’s a bit more interactive and helps showcase your hotel’s experiential offerings in detail.

Share destination content. Share informative content about the area so that guests see you as a credible and valuable source. When guests book, they are more likely to choose a hotel or brand they are familiar with. Quality content can also lead to organic promotion if users share your posts with their friends and followers.

Use multiple booking channels. There are hundreds of OTAs and apps on the market today. List your inventory on a variety of booking apps to market your hotel experience and better position your hotel for more exposure.

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