Effective Hotel Marketing in Five Easy Steps

In Hotel Marketing by HMG Hospitality Team

Most everyone needs the services of a hotel at least once in a lifetime. For the majority of us, hotels are utilized much more regularly than that. The point is – hotels are an integral part of our society. Except there are a vast amount of hotels to choose from. Hotels are everywhere and one could argue that at times there are more hotels than people who need them. What does this mean for your hotel? It means that your hotel needs to stand out to your target guest with effective hotel marketing.

Competition is fierce but that’s no reason to be discouraged.  Trust us, you have all the tools available to make your hotel stand out.

We are about to be in the height of Summer tourism – this is your time to stand out or lose out of those tourism bucks.

If you haven’t already established a marketing strategy, here is our effective hotel marketing strategy in five easy steps.

Effective Hotel Marketing Strategy

Step 1. Plan.

Develop a simple content marketing plan. Content is your bait. Do you think that your target audience is going to stumble upon your website, out of the hundreds to thousands of other hotel websites, take one look and book a stay? Unlikely. So how do you attract attention? Content. Do you have a hotel blog? Get one. You need content, but not just any content – strategized content. The content is one piece of the strategy you need to plan out. Figure out who your target audience is, discover their interests, plan your content around their interests, deploy said content on the social media channels said audience hangs out on.

Step 2. Build.

Build a content friendly / mobile-forward website. It’s one thing to have excellent content, but it’s another to display it well. How’s your hotel’s website looking these days? If it doesn’t look state of the art, and more importantly if it isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re overdue for an upgrade. There’s too much competition to risk loss of attention due to a stone-age website. A few tips as you design the refreshed site: leave plenty of space for the eye to relax and be drawn to important parts of the site, have big high quality pictures, have an easily accessible content section, and be sure that the mobile version not only works, but makes organizational sense.

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Step 3. Create

Fuel the website with engaging content to attract. Now is the time to have a content strategy meeting with your marketing agency, writer, etc. Compare the local events, weather patterns, promotions, packages with the calendar and create a content calendar that makes sense. Launching a new package or downloadable offer? Be sure to coordinate the content appropriately.

Step 4: Promote.

Use tools such as social media and paid ads to spread the good word. Armed with your beautiful new website and killer content, now it’s time to cast the bait line and reel in the revenue. Take to social media, promote the latest blog(s), interact with your audience. Have fun! Social media is about fun, friends, family, and at times – showing off! Share those gorgeous photos of the latest wedding. Post a pic of the sun shining on the picturesque pool and spa area. Share, show off, interact, and build relationships.

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Step 5: Analyze.

Measure results. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Content marketing requires constant analysis so your team can continue to tweak and improve. No one’s interacting with the content? No problem, sit back down and discuss why that might be. Change up the content strategy. Take to new social channels. We live in the 21st century and things are constantly changing, and so must the marketing strategy.

Don’t wait to apply these steps to your marketing strategy. Time is always of the essence in the hospitality industry. There will always be another choice of wedding venue, meeting venue, and hotel room for the consumer.

Get a complimentary professional opinion on your hotel’s marketing strategy. Contact Joe Zarrahy, Corporate Director of Development, at (858) 673-1534. and take steps to ensure your hotel stands out and becomes a top choice for travelers. With a little effort and a lot of strategy, your hotel can and will experience new levels of success.