Month: September 2015

In last week’s post, we discussed the importance of workplace diversity and three huge benefits that come with hiring and promoting employees based on merit. This installment of our workplace diversity series will focus squarely on the first benefit we touched on last week–a diverse team creates broader perspectives.

Each individual teammate has a unique life experience, influenced by many things, including ethnicity, gender, age, religion, family situation, hierarchical status, class, sexual orientation, physical ability, and much more. This life experience affects how people think and solve problems.

Diversity in the workplace is one of those paradoxical subjects that is so important to discuss yet, at the same time, you wonder why it needs to be discussed at all. Why is workplace diversity something that needs to be promoted rather than something that is already so commonplace that it is a non-issue? For

hotel management company

This week we’d like to share some exciting behind-the-scenes news from HMG Hospitality: we recently implemented the risk management software WAKEUP CALL across our 12-hotel portfolio!   If that doesn’t sound exciting, just trust us on this one. Risk management is increasingly important in the hotel management industry–arguably even more so than revenue management–and when