Month: July 2015

Bistro 880, Newark’s newest eatery offering locally sourced comfort food, sushi rolls, and hand-crafted cocktails, announces its fall 2015 grand opening. (Newark, CA) Bistro 880, a new eatery set to open this fall in Newark’s DoubleTree hotel, is gearing up to become one of the Bay Area’s most unique dining experiences. Promising “a transformation of

HMG Hospitality

Group business represents an enormous percentage of hotel revenue, and without it, or enough of it, the bottom line severely suffers. Unfortunately, hotel’s frequently neglect marketing themselves to attract group bookings, and focus instead on the leisure travelers. All business is good business, but there’s more bang for each buck when it comes to large

HMG Hospitality

Keeping up with evolving industry practices will aid your hotel in getting more revenue. Setting up new, and innovative trends will establish your hotel as a leader, and increase revenue. Gone are the days of “meetings,” instead, companies are transitioning towards more of an “experience.” Efficiency is everything in modern society, and the latest trends

HMG Hospitality

Not everything within the hospitality industry is reliable and constant, but there’s at least one dependable event that happens all year round. A never ending source of hotel revenue, that always has revenue-expanding potential. Weddings are the source of this magic. Most people who “fall in love” get married, and good thing they do, because