Month: May 2015

We know, it’s tricky. The restaurant has seen better days since opening its doors in the early nineties. It’s outdated, perhaps even “tacky”? Meanwhile, the rest of your hotel has been updated to reflect modern times. It’s painfully obvious, your restaurant is in desperate need of a renovation, but the task seems overwhelming, so the

Keeping up with the constant evolution of marketing, and all of its related tools can be tricky at times. Between Google constantly changing the rules of the game, shall we say, and the ever-changing social media scene, how can an organization know where to allocate resources, and where to pull back?

HMG Hospitality

When it comes to hotel operations, one of the least glamorous topics of discussion is housekeeping. It’s usually not a crowd-pleaser, but it’s imperative to a hotel’s success and bottom line.

It’s easy for efficiency to be lost, resulting in a loss of revenue. A huge challenge in this department is figuring out how to reduce the overhead, without compromising output quality. Any loss in quality will consistently result in negative reviews and a loss in revenue.