Month: February 2015

Total Revenue Management for Hotels

Traditionally speaking, hotel revenue management has focused primarily on rooms. Moving forward, in order to maximize revenue and profits, hotel management teams must focus on optimizing revenue from each guest, using the entire asset. Each individual guest has the potential to generate much more revenue than just the room.

Content Marketing Will Increase Hotel Direct Bookings

Here’s the reality of today: consumers have an unprecedented impact on a hotel’s reputation and success. Building, maintaining, and nurturing consumer relationships has never been more important. Likely, your hotel has been doing that through social media, now your hotel needs to transition to the next evolution – content marketing. Content marketing will continue to build and maintain those relationships, while simultaneously attracting new consumers.

Owning, managing, and operating a hotel can be tough and complicated at times. It is imperative that a keen eye is kept on all the variables involved. The hospitality industry is constantly changing and evolving, and a successful hotel must not only keep up with the changes, but actually transform ahead of them. Long-term sustainable

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